Meet Simone Dempster the owner of Splice Therapy based in Darlington.

Simone obtained her B.A.Sc. Speech & Hearing from Curtin University and has completed further studies:

  • Autism Diagnostician training
  • ADOS-2 training
  • Hanen Certified

Tell us about the areas you are most comfortable working in

I am a little unique in having worked across general paediatrics, autism diagnostics and adults – which makes me feel like a jack of all trades and master of none – even after all these years! The main reason I have never “specialised” is because I love all of the areas I work in and haven’t yet wanted to give anything away. I do also believe developing skills in different areas can translate as a new perspective in an otherwise unrelated field. For example, my skills in paediatric language has definitely helped shape understanding and goal setting in aphasia.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

Hiking, trail cycling, yoga, writing, spending time with friends and family and cooking anything Ottolenghi. I also like whipper snippering, which is important on a half acre block in the hills.

Learn more about Simone and Splice Therapy here:


Facebook: @splicetherapy